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My name is Núria López and I am a digital communications professional based in Barcelona. I have worn many hats over the course of my career, working in a variety of environments (including multicultural teams). I have worked as a journalist, researcher associated, marcom assistant, content manager and digital strategist. Flexibility, multi-tasking and thinking out-of-the-box have been crucial to accomplish new goals.

A multidisciplinar education in Media and Communication, Marketing and Cultural Anthropology has enriched the tasks I have carried out, specially when it comes to global communication projects in the digital field. I am interested in Communication, Marketing, New Media and Culture. I love being aware in my daily life the way new communication technology influences a society and its culture.

Spending one year studying at the University of Montana (USA) and working for the start-up Legal Atlas was key to understand how digital, communication and culture could merge. Also it was a discovery of what I really wanted to keep working on when I came back from Missoula to Barcelona.

After working for international brands such as ISDIN or Salerm Cosmetics, I decided to embark myself on this new freelance adventure and keep enriching myself with exciting projects.

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Social media

Reach your audience through the right channels. Spread the messages that means to your people.

Content is KING


Make it easy for those who are looking for you. Through an optimised SEO & SEM strategy, the long-distance relationship with our customer will turn into a short-distance one.

The RIGHT channels


Videos, photography, infographics... Content to build your brand, to connect with your audience and foster the engagement through a solid link.

SPREADING love about what we do.


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