About Missoula -

Why Missoula? What does it mean exactly? This question has an apparently simple answer: Missoula is a city in the state of Montana, in the United States. But to me, Missoula means a lot more that that. Missoula is the city where I landed 5 years ago to live my first long-term experience abroad. That city was an inspiration to me: aside from studying and working at the The University of Montana, living in Missoula revealed to myself what I wanted to work on when “I grew up”. And that was starting my own freelance project as a digital storyteller. And this is how www.itsmissoula.com was born. And from where I took this exotic nickname that nobody gets to understand at first 😉

So let’s start from the begining…


My name is Núria López and I am a digital communications professional based in Barcelona. I have worn many hats over the course of my career, working in a variety of environments (including multicultural teams). I have worked as a journalist, researcher associated, marcom assistant, content manager and digital strategist. Flexibility, multi-tasking and thinking out-of-the-box have been crucial to accomplish new goals.

A multidisciplinar education in Media and Communication, Marketing and Anthropology has enriched the tasks I have carried out, specially when it comes to global communication projects in the digital field. I am interested in Communication, Marketing, New Media and Culture. I love being aware in my daily life the way new communication technology influences a society and its culture.

Spending one year studying at the University of Montana (USA) and working for the start-up Legal Atlas was key to understand how digital, communication and culture could merge. Also it was a discovery of what I really wanted to keep working on when I came back from Missoula to Barcelona.

After working for international brands such as ISDIN or Salerm Cosmetics, I decided to embark myself on this new freelance adventure and keep enriching myself with exciting projects.